Miller: Parnell should ‘resist unconstitutional mandates of the federal government’

A recent exchange from one-time U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller’s Facebook page raises an interesting question about Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell’s strategy in dealing with the tangle of federal permitting that can slow oil and gas projects. Miller says Parnell should ignore those pesky laws and just do as he wants by invoking the state’s right to “nullify” or “resist unconstitutional mandates of the federal government.”

Miller, the tea party candidate who unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski and has since gone on to become chairman of the Western Representation Political Action Committee, is pitching a strategy that others nationwide have used to push back against marijuana laws, health care mandates, gun control, the TSA and more. A website tracking the 10th Amendment Nullification movement details these and other issues the movement is taking on.

The site includes coverage of a sovereignty resolution signed by Sarah Palin in 2009 just weeks before she stepped down from her job as Alaska’s governor. The Tenth Amendment Center describes the document as a resolution that “serves notice to the federal government that it should cease and desist any activities beyond the scope of their constitutionally-delegated powers.”

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