Joe Says: Get Engaged; the Time is Short

For most of us, reviewing the news out of Washington or our local capitol inevitably leads to higher blood pressure or maybe even a recurrent nervous twitch.  It seems that no matter whom we elect, government is inexorably moving into every nook and cranny of our lives.  From dictating what light bulbs we can read by at night to requiring us to buy health care coverage, the scope of government seems unlimited.  And when we look up and down the political spectrum,our legislators appear to be walking in lock step, simply arguing around the fringes rather than challenging the proper role of government.

So what is a Constitution-loving patriot to do in the face of this increasing tyranny?  Get engaged!!!  What do I mean by that?  Instead of sitting idly by in your easy chair, forwarding an occasional Tea Party e-mail here and there, take a step outside of your comfort zone and put some skin in the game.

So how exactly is that done?  How can you make a difference?  Frankly,the sky is the limit in this political climate.  Using my 2010 U.S.Senate race in Alaska as a model, first recognize that someone apart from the political establishment, born into average circumstances, can stand up and effectively challenge the status quo.  That means you.

Yes, there are risks involved.  If you speak Truth about what your current elected officials are doing, expect lots of grassroots support but significant ruling class backlash.  The establishment will use every tool in their arsenal against you if they view you as a real threat.  Using my Alaska Senate race as an example, don’t be surprised if every newspaper, television station, and political leader attacks you, telling lie after lie to undercut your support amongst the undecided.  The more vicious the attack, the closer your message is resonating with middle-America.  Keep the faith.

And that means keep fighting even when we lose some of our battles.The Tea Party movement is exceptionally young – two or three years inmost states – but we have had exceptional impact; the House’s refusalto rubber-stamp a debt ceiling increase is one of several examples of our strength.

Yes, we have lost some high-profile races in 2010 but, given our ever-increasing numbers, refusal to be co-opted, and common-sense solutions, there is little question that we are well-positioned to rescue our country from approaching calamity.  Please answer the call of our Founders; you owe it to their sacrifice and the freedom of future generations.