From Gunrunner to Gun-Grabber

On June 30th, Maryland Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings assembled gun confiscation advocates and Second Amendment foes from across the nation to approach the Project Gunrunner/Fast and Furious debacle by doing what the Left does best: changing the subject.

As it is not in the nature of liberals to allow truth to interfere with their agenda, the Congressman decided to ignore the fact that members of the Obama regime’s ATF had directed the sale of thousands of weapons to drug cartel straw buyers and assisted in trafficking those guns across the Mexican border.

Instead, Cummings claimed that “no legitimate examination of [drug cartel violence and illegal firearms trafficking] will be complete without analyzing our nation’s gun laws, which allow tens of thousands of assault weapons to flood into Mexico from the United States each year.”

It apparently escaped the Congressman’s notice that it was President Obama’s ATF and DOJ that fractured those gun laws and caused a flood of weapons across the border in the first place.

So, with the embarrassing facts of Project Gunrunner properly shoved under the table, the Cummings Forum offered the following recommendations to halt the flow of arms across the border:

Increase the penalties for illegal straw purchases;
Enact a dedicated firearms trafficking statute;
Implement a multiple long gun sales reporting requirement.The unabridged Federal Guide to Gun Laws is 400 pages long. Everything illegal about gun manufacture, import, purchase, use, ownership or sale is already “on the books.”
For example, lying on the federal form required to purchase a weapon carries a penalty of “not more than 5 years” in prison. A straw purchaser can be sentenced to 5 years for EVERY gun he purchases and then delivers to someone else for their use. (3)

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