The ‘economic conservative’ compromise

After more than 30 years of observing and covering politics, I wrote in “The Tea Party Manifesto” that there is a major misconception about a “divide” in the movement between so-called “social conservatives” and so-called “economic conservatives.”

What I found was that these labels are not only terribly misleading, but virtually meaningless if one’s goal is to understand the dynamics at work with the conservative movement.

In short and in broad strokes, so-called “economic conservatives” are not all that economically conservative when push comes to shove. And “social conservatives,” as they are wrongly dubbed, tend to be more economically conservative than the supposed “economic conservatives.”

There’s a great living, breathing illustration of this phenomenon for all to see right now. His name is Grover Norquist.

Norquist is the long-time president of Americans for Tax Reform. He has spent his activist career in Washington building relationships and alliances that have made him a powerful force in conservative politics. This despite his seemingly contradictory support from and for Muslim Brotherhood interests and a newer cozy relationship with the Republican homosexual special-interest group GOProud, for which he serves as a member of the board of advisers.

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