The “Obama Line”

This chart compares the progress of unemployment levels for recessions prior to 1948 by using the nadir of unemployment as the zero point in time for each depression. Thus one can compare the relative progress of employment loss and subsequent employment recovery for each different recession. Notice the lowest line,which I call the “Obama Line”,shows the current recession is far worse than any since 1948 in terms of both depth of employment loss,as well as duration. In fact,the duration trend is extremely frightening,because unless something dramatic changes,we are unlikely to return to current employment levels for at least another decade.

The “Obama Line” thus starkly illustrates the destructive economic policies promulgated by the Democrat-Marxist-Progressive-Socialist-Obammunist ideologues have been wildly successful in promoting their stated and desired goal of “shared sacrifice”for we,their subjects,instead of shared prosperity for everyone. But then that’s the reality of socialism laid bare:history has repeatedly shown that “shared sacrifice” is the best any socialist economy can aspire to. Never once in the history of mankind has a socialist economy brought sustained and increasing prosperity for generation after generation.

Unfortunately,for those of us peasants who actually live on the Obama Line,Obama’s job-killing policies are an abject failure and cause for soul-destroying misery. Even worse,there is no chance for improvement until the Obammunist leadership is replaced,because no one in their right mind is going to invest inU.S.economic growth as long as Marxists are in charge of the economy.

It makes no sense to take additional risks to try to increase profits if those profits are simply going to be stolen by Obama and “redistributed”;whether such redistribution occurs via Obamacare,increased taxes,increased regulation,deliberately increasing energy prices,deliberate destruction of the currency via insane inflationary policies,or deliberate destruction of the Constitution and rule of law by simply ignoring them.

Those are the real reasons our economy is in the crapper today. And it will remain in the crapper until leadership is elected who will actually promote an economic environment conducive to job creation rather than merely pretending to think about it,while in reality deliberately killing U.S. economic power like the Obammunists have been doing every day since they came into power.

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