Fishy Media Bias in Alaska-No News on Murkowski’s Crooked Top Aide during Election

This is a second installment in a series of commentaries that focus on evidence pointing to criminal fishing activity by an ex-aide to Senator Lisa Murkowski.

In the first commentary, I pointed to a FOIA request that resulted in the release of a 42 page NOAA document  that showed former Murkowski aide Arne Fuglvog was fined for catching too many fish.

The FOIA request was submitted by an individual in October of 2010 and the document was released in December of 2010.

The release of the document was one month after the Alaska general election between U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller and write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski.

Given the timing of the FOIA request and the release of the document, did the individual who made the request tell anyone?

The answer is yes.

Two types of reporters who are bottom feeders

During the election between Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski, I learned one thing and that is: there are two types of reporters who are bottom feeders.

There are reporters who get to the bottom of a story by reporting facts and there are those reporters who report what they think the public should know and do so with a bias.

In the case with Joe Miller, there was a definite news reporting bias against Joe Miller.

I witnessed it when I was told KTUU backed-off on reporting about a recorded conversation between KTVA reporters concocting a lampoon about sexual molesters showing up at a Joe Miller rally.

Before the story broke on the conversation between the reporters at KTVA, one evening at Joe Miller’s headquarters, I sat talking with a staffer on Miller’s campaign while founder Chip Hanlon talked via the phone for at least 30 minutes about the reporters’ conversation.

Chip and I felt the recorded conversation was newsworthy because it showed a clear bias with the reporters.

The next day, we were told that we could write a story about it and we did.

You can read the story here.

Interestingly, Matthew Felling a KTVA reporter was hired by Lisa Murkowski.

In the case with the FOIA request, a source sent me e-mails sent by an individual to reporters, notifying them of possible criminal activities of Murkowski aide Arne Fuglvog, who Lisa Murkowski endorsed for a key high level position in the federal government.

The e-mails sent to the reporters were credible, newsworthy and the information should have been investigated by the reporters who worked in the Big Media Ocean.

Accordingly, in writing this story, I researched the internet and I could not find any news story on the FOIA request or Arne Fuglvog’s criminal past during the Alaska U.S. Senate seat race in 2010.

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