FBI raids Solyndra to bury evidence of Obama’s criminal dealings

When it comes to cronyism, fraud and conspiratorial criminality, Barack Hussein Obama has no peer. Having learned his trade in the city of Chicago, where the theft and divvying up of taxpayer dollars among the politically connected is an art form, Obama’s new gig as President finds him performing the same scams, just on a larger, more lucrative playing field.

In 2010, solar panel manufacturer Solyndra Inc. received $535 million in government backed loan guarantees from Barack’s 2009 stimulus fund.

Of course, according to a Price Waterhouse audit filed earlier that year with the SEC, Solyndra had lost $558 million during its first 5 years in business, boasted negative cash flow, no profitable years and featured a “seriously flawed” business model.

But the company did have one very important attribute, a far greater asset than any operating report or profit history–Texas billionaire George Kaiser.

Kaiser was a major Solyndra investor who had personally donated $53,500 to Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. In fact, Kaiser had bundled even larger amounts of money for Obama’s bid for the White House.

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