Green Corruption Goes Deep In Obama Administration

Michelle Malkin was on “Hannity” recently to discuss the corruption involved in the Solyndra solar panel company that took nearly half a billion in stimulus funds and went belly up recently.

Solyndra was Obama’s poster child for “green” jobs and technology and his administration rushed through the loan guarantee for the company.

Of course, we’re now learning that Solyndra was largely owned by Obama fundraiser George Kaiser, who has visited the White House 16 times. Isn’t that special?

But, wait, there’s more. Al Gore worshipper Cathy Zoi was Obama’s assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy while her husband was an executive at a company that received subsidies from the Obama administration. Zoi is now running a green hedge fund owned in large part by leftist one-worlder George Soros.

In addition, a group of Democrats have founded the U.S. Renewable Energy Group. It appears to be a beard for a Chinese company seeking to make wind turbines in China.

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