Please, Say It Ain’t So: 24 Hours Of Al Gore

September 13, 2011 – Unfortunately, it’s true. Al Gore will be on a variety of multi-media outlets on September 15 for a full, agonizing 24 hours. His “24 Hours of Reality” will drone on across every time zone in the world as he attempts to revitalize his tattered reputation as the god of environmental hysteria.

Gore has every reason to worry about his reputation. After all, the Climategate email scandal that erupted in November 2009 revealed for all the world to see that the “climate change” experts were a bunch of arrogant, deceitful and vindictive individuals. They admit to faked data, deleted revealing emails, resisted freedom of information act requests, and deliberately suppressed opposing viewpoints. The world was shown that – despite Gore’s claims that the “science is settled” on climate change – it isn’t. In fact, the truth is the polar opposite of what Gore has been claiming for nearly 30 years.

Al Gore and his deceitful cronies in the climate change hysteria movement are losing the battle because the truth has been revealed. And they can’t stop the truth from being spread by the speed of light through the Internet. In 1999, Gore told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he “took the initiative in creating the Internet.” Of course, that’s a lie, but it is typical of Gore’s penchant for skewing the truth, exaggerating, and making false claims. It is ironic that the same Internet Gore claimed to have created is the information tool that is relegating him to the status of a blustering buffoon.

Al’s latest lie is his claim that anyone who questions alleged man-made “climate change” will eventually be viewed in the same light as a racist. It is more likely that in the future, most Americans will view Al Gore as a pathological liar who has made millions telling lies for the past three decades.

Al’s 24 Hours of Reality is likely to be an agonizing day of boring untruths designed to shore up his crumbling reputation. Gore gets $100,000 a pop for his speeches and of course, since he dumped Tipper and has a new trophy wife, he’s got massive bills to pay on his mansion in Southern California. He’s gotta pay for his new wife’s spending habits and Tipper’s divorce settlement So, if he has to skew the truth to keep those little curly light bulbs on in his vast estate, why not?

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