Decision time for the GOP

By Joe Miller.  The congressional super-committee, according to a story in the Washington Post, is creating an “identity crisis” within the Republican Party.  During the 2010 elections, Republicans promised to come to Washington D.C. and fight the proponents of big government, crony capitalism, and socialism.  Although some have stuck to their guns, most notably the courageous few who voted against the debt ceiling increase, Republicans have pretty much failed to deliver.

Instead, the GOP-controlled House – the body constitutionally authorized to raise and spend revenue –  increased the debt ceiling to the tune of $2.1 trillion.  This same Republican majority originally promised spending cuts, but we’ve found that these promised cuts are off the “projected increases” in the budget and do not amount to any real reductions.  It is sad to observe just how easy it is to abandon principles in the name of political expediency.  One day, Republicans are rightfully bashing Energy Department loans attached to the stimulus program and the next they are writing letters asking for loans to their district.

The budget super-committee creates another decision point for the GOP, and it is already beginning to look like principles will be compromised yet again.  Leading Republican members of the super-committee have, as the Washington Post reports, “lobbied party colleagues behind the scenes to forgo their old allegiances and even break campaign promises by embracing hundreds of billions of dollars in tax hikes.”  This is extremely disappointing for us in the grassroots, to say the least.  I’m sure that along with these tax increases, these Republicans will also guarantee “significant spending reductions.”  However, if the past is a guide, such promises are likely hollow.

It is time to do what is right over doing what is easy.  It is time to stop “crossing the aisle” just for the sake of doing so.  It is time to practice conservative principles or allow somebody in your place who will.  The Republican Party establishment must come to the understanding that paying lip-service to the grassroots during campaign season and then rushing to Washington to compromise with the likes of John Kerry is over.

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