Media Diverts Attention from Obama Economic Collapse

America’s mainstream media is hard at work on the Obama re-election effort. Nonstop reporting on the Herman Cain allegations, the break-up of the European Union and Occupy Everything is quietly building a playing field or political environment to empower Obama’s excuses.

Here is how it works.

The media has taken a great field of GOP candidates and made them look like a sequel to the Hollywood blockbuster Dumb and Dumber. Each success frontrunner has been mowed down to size by outlandish and journalistically unethical reporting, combined with a nonstop series of debates that produce highlight reels of gotcha questions these so-called reporters never ask Obama.

Obama in contrast simply travels the world at government expense, teleprompter in hand giving well-crafted speeches written by others. The softball questions lofted his way are intended more to boost him than share with Americans the true story of how tough it really is living in the Obama socialist economy.

So we will try to ask some questions here the media should be asking Obama in person.

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