Mitt Romney: Cancel the coronation — how conservatives can defeat him

For those who believe the current commentariat consensus that Mitt Romney should be coronated as the inevitable Republican nominee, consider the excellent story by Alicia Cohn in The Hill about conservatives uniting to defeat Romney, and remember the GOP primaries in 1976 when Ronald Reagan was almost nominated after a late surge.

Cohn’s included one bit of news that has not been adequately covered by most media, the creation of a group of conservatives to be found at the, and one subject that has also not been adequately covered: the importance of the Florida primary in late January and Super Tuesday in March.

I would add one additional factor: the growth of proportional delegate selection in the GOP process, which creates the possibility the nomination battle remains open and conservatives could unite behind one candidate long before Romney locks up the nomination.

This piece is an attempt at straight political analysis and news analysis. Here is my take on the state of the GOP race:

1. Mitt Romney is having great trouble winning the loyalty of Republican voters above the 25 percent level. About 75 percent of Republicans do not support Romney as their first choice. In fact, for many of these GOP voters Romney is their fourth, sixth or even eighth choice behind the conservatives now running and the conservatives who chose not to run.

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