OWS Rushing USA to Point of No Return

We are sitting in the eye of a hurricane. The media jackals, like a tornado, are destroying everything and everyone in their path who is a conservative and not a subscriber to European socialism and one world government.

Alphabet soup pundits dedicate hundreds of stories and airtime to Occupy Wall Street unemployable collegiate malcontents, filthy vagrants, druggies, and communist agitators who are getting more and more violent.

Occupiers with trust funds claim to be the 99 percent of the people who want the spoils of the one percent, the rich. They complain that the homeless are stealing their electronic gadgets and food. Apparently, “stealing is a problem when it happens to you, ‘social justice’ when it happens to someone else.” Lazy agitators abhor capitalism and banks, yet are hypocritically eager to deposit donated funds in the bank.

Goethe said, “Nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action.” And there is plenty of ignorance walking the streets and parks of Occupy Wall Street. One outraged group was flooded by job application flyers falling from offices above the street. Here is a novel idea, instead of complaining for weeks and laying in your own filth, get a job created by the government control you so crave.

A good suggestion to the anarchists would be to move to Cuba or Korea where most jobs are government issued and controlled. Workers have job security, no vacations, terrible medical care, must be silent, show up for work six days a week, and pretend to be happy on a salary of $20 a month.

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