There’s No Conservative Case for Romney

I had the pleasure of appearing on National Public Radio’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook to discuss “the conservative case for Mitt Romney” with Tom, Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson and for the last half hour of the show, Ryan Hecker, formerly with the Houston Tea Party, now Chief Operating Officer of FreedomWorks of America.

It was a good conversation, not only because Ashbrook, Gerson and Hecker had some interesting observations about the current Republican presidential nomination process, but because the callers confirmed one of my major concerns about the potential nomination of Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for President — namely, that many conservatives and Tea Partiers would be unlikely to vote for Romney in the general election.

Of the dozen or so callers who spoke on the show, only one said he was for Romney, and the rest, when asked, either equivocated or indicated they would not vote for Romney even against Barack Obama.

While this seemed to be something of a surprise to our host Tom Ashbrook — it was no surprise to me, or to Tea Partier Ryan Hecker, who predicted Romney would get “zero” Tea Party support in the primary, and here’s why.

Romney has been stuck in the mid-twenties for the entire five years he has been running for President. This is about the same number of Republicans who do not self-identify as conservatives.

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