Murkowski lone GOP supporter for Obama’s radical activist judge

In case you didn’t catch it this week, Murkowski was the only Republican in the entire Senate to support a vote on the radical activist judge Caitlin Halligan, President Obama’s nominee for the Court of Appeals.  According to the Family Research Council, Halligan is pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, and liberal on immigration, environmentalism, guns and affirmative action:

“Like so many others, Halligan is an attractive candidate to the Left because she brings to the table an extensive resume of radicalism. As New York’s Solicitor General, Halligan openly attacked marriage, arguing that the Constitution had evolved on the issue. To help clarify the state’s Domestic Relations Law (DRL) in 2004, Halligan wrote a brief for then-Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, which openly lobbied for same-sex “marriage”–even though it contradicted both the law and the authors’ intent in writing it. “The question of whether the DRL authorizes and permits same-sex marriage must be analyzed”–not in light of the law, but “in light of an ongoing and rapidly shifting debate about whether it is constitutional to deny eligibility for marital status to same-sex couples.” She argued no court would agree that the state’s interests are served in “promoting procreation” and the “welfare of children” through traditional marriage. Instead, she insisted that same-sex couples be “treated as spouses for the purpose of New York law.” On same-sex “marriage,” Halligan “led the parade.”

Unfortunately for conservatives, her activism isn’t limited to marriage. As Solicitor General, Halligan sided with the National Organization for Women in a brief that tried to slam pro-life protestors with extortion and racketeering charges under a twisted interpretation of the Hobbs Act. Their claim was so outside the mainstream that the U.S. Supreme Court threw it out in an 8-1 decision. Her brand of judicial activism would be a devastating blow in the D.C. Circuit Court, which plays a major role in interpreting federal statutes and regulations. If she really does view the courts as a “special friend of liberty,” there’s no telling what damage she could do under the guise of social progress.

Our friends in the conservative movement also point to her extreme liberal streak on terrorism, immigration, environmentalism, and affirmative action. In fact, Halligan is so anti-gun that she is just the second circuit court judge opposed by the National Rifle Association in its history!”

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