Iran situation illustrates need for energy independence

The United States may reject oil from Iran but that does not result in immunity from Iran’s saber-rattling in the Persian Gulf.  The situation shaping up in the Strait of Hormuz illustrates the need for a serious push towards energy independence here in the United States.  It defies common sense for the American economy to be reliant on foreign sources of energy when we have so much available right here at home.

Simply put, it comes down to supply and demand.  When any nation, such as Iran in this case, decides to restrict the supply of energy available on the world market, the price of that energy will spike for consumers, and especially American consumers.

Our nation has the ability to greatly increase the energy supplies available here at home, so why do we continue to allow petro-dictators, oppressive regimes and declared enemies of the United States to distort the market at the cost of the American People?

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