Is Congressman Darrell Issa Wimping Out?

During the past week a number of Operation Fast and Furious watchers have been celebrating the notion that Congressman Darrell Issa’s February 14th letter to Eric Holder represents a last chance, comply or else, final offer to the gangster Attorney General.

Unfortunately, buying into such wishful thinking will result in nothing but disappointment as the Congressman has shown little in his dealings with the Attorney General over the past 6 months but a litany of empty threats and predictable retreats when they are ignored.

During his December 8th testimony before Issa’s House Government Reform Committee, Holder stated emphatically that his Department of Justice would NOT provide congress any Fast and Furious information dated later than February 4th of 2011. In support of that assertion he has prevented DOJ officials providing testimony to the House and ignored repeated requests for relevant letters and emails.

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