Where will we be in November 2012 – let alone in 2020?

As I discussed during my Senate campaign less than two years ago, our nation faces some very tough times ahead, in both the near-term and certainly in the long term.  Since that campaign, the state of our nation – and Alaska – has not improved; by many standards it has deteriorated.  The false hope peddled by Obama lies strewn about the Occupy sites, even as many continue to cling to unreality.  However, I am doubly committed to fighting to Restore Liberty in our nation and my great state.

Our nation has reached a condition where many times, up is down, right is wrong, and good is evil. Whereas diversity is celebrated as a core character trait, we witness over and over that “diversity” is an acronym for the “liberal mindset,” entertaining no deviation from politically correct dogma. Nothing crystallizes the backlash of straying from the liberal plantation more than Susan G. Komen’s recent public relations disaster following its announcement that it would cut off funds from Planned Parenthood.

At the same time, US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg tells Egyptian media that she would look elsewhere if she were writing a constitution today. Never mind that she is sworn to uphold the US Constitution, the legal foundation for the greatest nation on earth.  But this is no surprise given Ginsburg’s increasing reliance on foreign courts in her own legal decisions.

President Obama, with deep ties to radical members of anti-American organizations, has no qualms in dropping the name of his alleged savior when it brings him political points via a fawning US media. Citing Jesus in support of how one should spend money is a surprise though, given the fact that Obama donates a pathetic 1% of his income to charity.  Moreover, his sudden affinity for Christ doesn’t make much sense in light of his past hostility toward our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage.  Nevertheless, he invokes the name of Jesus to aid in tax collecting.

As we head into this important and already contentious election season, we are faced with a juggernaut Establishment machine that seems to have no regard for the rule of law, especially as it regards vote integrity. While Eric Holder demonizes any state that dares to pass voter ID laws, his own media event attacking these requirements required all attendees to present – you guessed it – an ID card.

The Republican nomination might be considered by some as a healthy and vigorous means of competing for the right to oppose Obama. But right now it appears that “Republican Demolition Derby” might be a better way to describe that process.  In any event, one of the least conservative candidates, Mitt Romney (whom I strongly oppose), has a solid advantage on the road to the nomination.  Newt Gingrich, trying to link himself to Ronald Reagan, carries his own baggage:  big government credentials from the past thirty years that should set off alarm bells for any conservative.  And while my visit with Ron Paul last month was very encouraging on the fiscal front, his assessment of the threat of radical Islam is difficult to stomach. So is Santorum the “not Romney?”  Not as long as he continues to embrace earmarks, endorsement of establishment candidates, and the other hallmarks of DC corruption.  Such an approach to government makes his conservative rhetoric ring hollow.

So where will we be in November of this year?  How about 2020? Can we tolerate another four years of Obama’s devastating assault on the moral and economic fabric of our nation?

The sleeping conservative giant woke up in 2008, organized in 2009, and won amazing victories in 2010, nationally and in many statehouses and local jurisdictions. The conservative movement is alive and well, and on the move. 2012 is another step on the path to Restoring Liberty, but it won’t be the final step, not by any stretch of the imagination. This is a long war we are in, one that requires all of our efforts, for the long haul.

What must we do this year and beyond? We must fight, for sure. We need to recruit, educate, and become stronger organizationally and policy-wise. We have the moral – and legal – high ground, yet it seems we continue to cede this ground back to the enemy. We must always be prepared to give an answer for our hope, to fight vigorously, yet with civility, on the battlefield of ideas.

The mission I started almost two years ago is as valid now as it was then, if not more so. With recent visits to Yale and with conservative leaders in DC, I am encouraged with the commitment of so many who are fighting for our nation.  This includes a surprising number of like-minded students at Yale who vigorously defended free market principles amidst a crushing onslaught of Big Government-types who seem to see DC as the answer to everything.

This week, I will be joining thousands of conservatives at CPAC. I hope to learn about the many different organizations that are fighting the good fight and listen to and share ideas with grassroots conservatives from across the nation.

2010 was just the beginning, and 2012 will be another campaign in a long war to take back our nation.  If the gains in 2012 are as significant this year as two years ago, our movement will continue to grow – and be effective in the goal to Restore Liberty. We will likely not gain all of the victories we desire at once, but we should take heart in our current strength – and trajectory.  We must win the Senate, the White House, and gain even more Tea Party strength in the House, not to mention the critical battlefields of local and state politics.

Are you with us in this fight? It just takes a few patriots to Restore Liberty to this great nation.

For the future of America, get involved now.

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