Gambler in Chief Ignores Reality

Lies are how the left operates, it’s what they do (in addition to blaming others for, well, just about everything).

The lie that the left pushes is that green energy is viable, and it’s worth (wasting) your money to “invest in”, despite no proven  business model or that it can even come close to replacing the energy resources all industrialized nations use. I’m all for investing in alternative energy. Just not with taxpayer money on the scale we’ve recently seen (nor on failed business models).

You only have to look at the price at the gas pump to know they’re lying to you. While gas hovers at $4.00 a gallon (up from about $1.85 when Obama took office), the Administration is wasting taxpayer money (aka “investing”) in green energy boondoggles such as algae and losing endeavors such Solyndra Ener1 (renewable energy storage battery technology), and oh, 11 other Solyndra’s (to the tune of $6.5 billion in taxpayer loans).

And if you’re not on board with the green-doggle express, you’re a “flat-earther”.

The reality is that the United States sits on the largest fossil fuel reserves in the world. Not to mention the forgotten promise of nuclear energy, the original alternative to coal and oil. Another sobering reality is that President Obama is in the process of shutting down an entire industry – coal – that provides 45% of our energy needs ! Of course, he told us he would do so back in 2008. Rich people will grumble while the vast majority will have additional pressure on their heat pump bills to go along with the gas pump pain.

The left likes it when the price at the gas pump rises (although it doesn’t bother the Energy Secretary Steven Chu – he doesn’t own a car, but his wife owns a BMW); they just feign impotence at the price of a barrel of oil and fawn at the algae and wind farms, all done while mouthing “I feel your pain.”

Despite the pain-in-the-pump, President Obama wants to “double-down on investments in clean energy technologies”.  “Double-down” is an interesting way of putting it, as any gambler knows. I just don’t want the gambler-in-chief wasting more money on failed enterprises that can’t make a buck on technology that promises so much, but delivers so little. So he wants to shift $4 billion in oil and natural gas subsidies away from companies that actually make a profit to companies who will likely follow Solyndra and others down the black hole of failed enterprises.

And to prove my point, the Democrats # 1 attack dog (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) was pounding the podium (with lies) after the American Energy Alliance announced plans to air an ad titled “Nine Dollar Gas”. One can only hope that DWS will be seen frequently by the voting public in the coming months.

National security is the President’s # 1 responsibility, and our energy independence is a key factor. Our nation’s economy is strangled by the redistributor-in-chief as he gambles with your money on losing propositions whose only beneficiaries are his cronies.