IRS targets Tea Party groups – their goal is silence of the right

The Tea Party is an amazing political phenomenon, one that remains strong despite the media’s all-out assault since its beginnings in 2009, and I am proud to be a part of it. If ever there was an All-American movement, it is the Tea Party. Patriotic, hard-working, family oriented, and focused on a simple request – limited government and fiscal responsibility. What’s not to like about it ? The answer is simple – it threatens the liberals grip on government and many other areas of our lives.

One of the revealing benefits of many concerned citizens becoming politically active is the realization by many that politicians are not as smart as they make themselves out to be. In fact, it becomes pretty distressing to see how limited is the knowledge base of many politicians in regards to the  Constitution and American history. As more and more patriots get involved, our efforts become more effective, despite many setbacks and the continued assault by both the President and the MSM to derail the Tea Party.

While at CPAC this year, I met many great conservatives passionate about fighting for shared American ideals. There was a great cross-section of the country and all age groups. Especially heartening were the many young people, including some strong conservatives I met at the Yale Political Union in January. Another passionate  and articulate Tea Party patriot who spoke at CPAC is Jennifer Stefano, who literally stumbled upon a Tea Party rally while taking a walk in the park with her family. Now she is an articulate and effective spokesman for the movement and drawing a lot of attention to the grass-roots movement.

Yet what is the response to the Tea Party from the MSM, the President, and now, the IRS ? Their goal is simply to silence the movement. Their number one argument is that the Tea Party is racist, the ultimate trump card they use when anything doesn’t go their way. While Occupy Wall St. can break laws all day long while politicians from Oakland to New York City cross their arms, the Tea Party is investigated in Draconian ways, now officially through the IRS.

Mark Levin is pursuing action against the IRS (Exempt Organization Division) for

using inappropriate and intimidating investigation tactics in the administration of applications for exempt status submitted by organizations associated with the Tea Party movement.

Michelle Malkin also reports on the IRS intimidation of Tea Party groups across the country.

Make no mistake, this is bullying at the highest levels of government. While the President and the MSM feign outrage at the slightest faux pas (real or imagined), real outrage should be directed at these type of Machiavellian steps our government seems to take with impunity. Let us work towards electing politicians who will uphold the Constitution and allow us to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without the government meddling in our everyday lives.