Feds Cut Law Enforcement Ties with Arizona

The Department of Homeland Security has announced changes to its relationship with Arizona’s local law enforcement following Monday’s Supreme Court ruling.

Just hours after the Supreme Court released its decision on SB1070, the Obama Administration made a big move by ending existing agreements with Arizona police agencies.

DHS officials will no longer respond to the scene of a state or local traffic stop when those agencies request help enforcing immigration law.

They will respond over the phone to help verify someone’s immigration status, but they will not go to the scene unless the person is a convicted criminal, has previously been removed from the country, or is a recent border crosser.

Responding to the move, Gov. Jan Brewer said she was not surprised President Barack Obama has “once again abandoned the citizens of Arizona.”

“The Obama administration has fought the people of Arizona at every turn – downplaying the threat that a porous border poses to our citizens, filing suit in order to block our state from protecting itself, unilaterally granting immunity to tens of thousands of illegal aliens living in our midst, and now this.”

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