Caroline Kennedy says the Kennedy clan is “at its lowest point ever”

Photo credit: Rubenstein

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of JFK, is battling to save her legendary family from being torn apart by in-fighting, tragedy, legal scandals and bitter divorce.

The 54-year-old has allegedly admitted that the dynasty is at its ‘lowest point ever’.

The Kennedys’ latest public scandal was the arrest of Kerry Kennedy, Caroline’s cousin and daughter of assassinated Senator Robert Kennedy, who was suspected of driving under the influence of drugs.

The 52-year-old hit a tractor-trailer in New York and fled the scene last month before officers found her unable to walk, talk or see straight.

Following Kerry Kennedy’s arrest, the clan reportedly acted like a ‘organized-crime family… playing hard ball with bare knuckles’ by trying to influence the police investigation by ordering their own barrage of independent tests to prove Kerry’s innocence.

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