Murkowski supporter makes history: first legislative candidate to be kicked off ballot for claiming to be “homeless”

Barbara Bachmeier, a candidate for the legislature, was kicked off the ballot by Alaska’s Division of Elections, for being homeless.  More specifically, she did not meet the residency requirements for state house District 13 because, as recently as ten months ago, she had been “living in a camper shell on the back of her truck,” according to Newser.

Some suspect that Bachmeier was not homeless at all, but that she was actually living in another residence outside of the district.  They believe that the story about her living out of her truck was fabricated in an unsuccessful attempt to meet the district’s residency requirements.

The decision to give her the boot from the ballot after she had already been certified may be unprecedented in Alaska state history.   The Division of Elections reported yesterday that such decertification has not happened during the current director’s four year tenure, maybe longer.

Ms. Bachmeier, a former service member who claims a stress-related disability, was a prominent Murkowski supporter who harassed Joe Miller personally as well as some of his supporters in 2010.  In one particularly infamous event following the general election debate in October, Bachmeier followed Mr. Miller’s party out of the parking lot and tail-gated Miller’s vehicle at high speeds.

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