Video: Flash mobs, racial tension ramping up in US?

It’s not pleasant to bring up a subject seemingly NO ONE wants to talk about. It’s even more unpleasant when you know you are opening yourself up to accusations of the filthiest kind.

So — here it goes:  America has a race problem. It is a problem that may be about to erupt into nationwide violence. In fact, some believe it has already begun.

I am seeing report after report, on the Internet, concerning the sky rocketing rise of black on white crime and yes, black on black crime, as well. But, most horrible is the black mob violence which is becoming so prevalent that even the Mainstream Media is ALMOST forced to report it. Notice: I said “ALMOST.”

There are the so-called black “flash mobs,” the “rob mobs” and, of course, the old stand-by — the out and out “riot.”

Thing is — it’s happening all across the US. This time, thankfully, my “South” will not bear the brunt of the criticism from the “Limousine liberals,” the “Guilt-Trip Lefties,” and the “Poverty Pimps.” But then, they have heaped defamation on us Southrons for so long they may just feel compelled to continue.

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Photo credit: somaya