Fighting to Restore Liberty

As many of our long-term subscribers know, the site has been a reliable source of hard-hitting news and information for almost two years. Although our stories criticize the GOP Establishment almost as often as the liberal left, we haven’t strayed too far from mainstream topics.

That changed this week. Political consequences aside, the utter hypocrisy of the anti-American Obama administration has compelled me to speak out despite the deafening silence of the conventional press. As I pointed out to Miami’s WZAB on Wednesday, Obama’s demand for Romney’s legally confidential tax return information is exceptionally hypocritical given Obama’s enormous efforts to protect his background from public disclosure.

As a former US Senate candidate, I know a little bit about disclosure. In my 2010 anti-establishment race, the national Associated Press and other news agencies sued to see my legally confidential records. These new agencies had already been provided with every military officer evaluation report, my transcripts, my birth certificate, and other important information about my background. They even had information apparently leaked by our State’s Department of Health and Human Services regarding my daughters’ healthcare from 17 or 18 years prior. The news agencies still wanted more.

But these exact same news agencies have refused to make similar inquiries of someone with vastly more power and influence, someone with his finger on the nuclear button. Is it media malpractice or simply a conspiracy of silence?

Whatever the cause, I won’t play along.

As many of you know, after we posted the article written by Obama’s Columbia University classmate earlier this week, our servers went down. We still have not been provided with an adequate explanation for why this happened.

Suspecting a political cause, I made the decision to move our site to a different server company, hosted by a solid conservative group. That process took several days but we are up and running again with daily content.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for your continued support of Restoring Liberty.

Warm Regards,

Joe Miller