Girl almost ‘kicked out of school’ because she wouldn’t take home military pics of her MP brother

A school binder decorated with pictures of a 13-year-old’s older brother and her softball team nearly led the girl being kicked out of school, her mother claims.

Seen in his military uniform, a photograph of Brianna Gentry’s older brother Derrick who is stationed in Montana as a military policeman is one of several pictures on her school binder.

‘My brother is very important to me. I haven’t seen him in a while,’ Brianna told KTLA on her reasoning behind the photo’s placement. Around him are also pictures of her softball team.

Both pictures, however, as Brianna recently learned, do not comply with her school’s rules with the eighth grader’s membership of their AVID programme for top or advanced students.

‘The counsellor took me out of class twice telling me that the pictures aren’t AVID material,’ Brianna said. ‘But they haven’t pulled out any other students with pictures out from their class. Just me.’

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