War on Women Rhetoric Fails, Romney Leads Obama With Married Women

The War on Women rhetoric of the Obama campaign, Planned Parenthood and other abortion backers appears to be failing — at least with married women voters, according to new polling data.

A new Washington Post/ABC’s poll finds married women prefer pro-life Mitt Romney over pro-abortion Barack Obama on a 55-40 percentage point majority. Christian Heinze, a reporter for The Hill, indicates that means Romney is running ahead of the pace at which John McCain ran against Obama in 2008.

“Compare that with 2008 exit polls when Obama won married women with children, 51%-47%, while McCain won married women with no kids 53%-44%,” he said. “Romney’s 15% margin soundly beats both numbers.”

Heinze also notes that the new numbers put Romney where pro-life President George W. Bush was in 2004, when he won his bid for re-election.

“That 15% is identical to George W. Bush’s 2004 performance when he beat John Kerry among married women, 57%-42%, so there’s good precedent for Romney with his current margin,” he writes today.

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