Call to Action: Obama is the Most Pro-Abortion, Anti-Religion President in US History

Photo credit: david_shankbone

As the Democratic Party establishment puts on an abortion-palooza at their convention in Charlotte next week, it is important that the prolife community speaks boldly and unequivocally about how out of step with women and numerous other constituencies the President and the Democratic leadership are when it comes to their taxpayer funding of abortion on demand policies.

The record is quite clear: President Obama is the most pro-abortion, anti-religion president in American history. Using our vast prolife network, from blogging to social media to earned media, I hope we can join our voices together to educate the public and the media about President Obama’s extremist obsession with abortion.

Given the Democratic establishment’s casting of its convention as largely one about abortion and their anti-religious freedom, anti-First Amendment, HHS mandate, the pro-life community has a golden opportunity this coming week to promote life and freedom. The Democratic establishment’s abortion- palooza features speeches by a Who’s Who of Big Abortion – including representatives of abortion profiteers and advocates Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

Additionally, the convention will feature politicians and Hollywood stars hostile to the prolife cause and religious freedom. Not to be featured: Prolife Democrats. Pro-life Democrats are being ostracized and if in attendance are to maybe be seen, but not heard. The message is clear, if you are a pro-life Democrat you are not welcome at this Democrat establishment abortion-palooza. Yes, the Party that spins diversity is telling pro-lifers that they have no business showing up in Charlotte.

This presents a unique opportunity for the pro-life, religious freedom community to come forward and educate the public about how extreme and obsessed the President and the Democratic Party establishment are when it comes to abortion. They are so obsessed on funding abortion, the President and Democratic leaders in Washington are even willing to undercut the founding principle of religious freedom to fund abortion.

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