Conservative PAC: Obama Using Poll-Tested ‘Scare Words’

A conservative political action committee known for its slick but often controversial political advertisements is planning a new ad accusing President Barack Obama of using “scare words” to manipulate voters.

The National Republican Trust PAC, founded in 2008 by former investigative journalist Scott Wheeler, is the same group that released an ad four years ago slamming Obama for his ties to former pastor Jeremiah Wright, as well as the “Kill Ground Zero Mosque” ads in 2010 opposing the construction of a mosque near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Now, Wheeler tells Whispers NRTPAC is preparing to release an ad he believes can sway independent voters over their lack of trust in the president. The ad alleges that Obama and his fellow Democrats rely heavily on “scare words,” or poll-tested language designed to scare voters about Republicans in their speeches.

“We’re going to show clips of Obama and other Democrats saying the same words over and over again,” says Wheeler, “and then say: ‘Do you ever wonder why you’re hearing the same thing over and again? That’s because these words have been tested. They are used to manipulate you into voting for them.'”

Wheeler cites “extremists” as an example of a Democratic scare word. He believes Democrats also use the phrase “reproductive freedom” to scare women into believing Republicans want to take away their reproductive rights.

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