Czech President: EU in Final Phase of Destroying Democracy, National Sovereignty

As European Union bosses now openly push for the complete elimination of national sovereignty in favor of a so-called “federation” with its own army, liberty-minded Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus warned that the destruction of democracy and the nation-state within the EU has entered its final phases. The anti-communist hero has been sounding the alarm for years, but his recent public remarks represent the most forceful warning yet about the looming threat posed by the budding supranational regime in Brussels.

Klaus, who has a new book coming out entitled Europe: The Shattering of Illusions, largely blamed “two-faced” politicians for allowing the precarious situation to develop. Included among the culprits is the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, which purports to be skeptical of the EU but has so far refused to allow British voters — polls show they overwhelmingly oppose the institution — any say in the matter. The situation is also partly due to the fact that political leaders want to avoid responsibility and accountability to their constituents, Klaus added.

Opposition to the formation of an “ever-closer union” is growing throughout Europe. The new socialist president of France Francois Hollande and pro-integration extremist Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, however, both demanded last week that more political and economic power be handed over to the EU anyway. “We don’t have a choice, but to march toward the destiny that is ours, march toward a unified Europe,” proclaimed Hollande.

Other officials called for an end to national veto powers over foreign and defense policies as part of an effort to pave the way for a single EU military. In addition, almost a dozen European governments called for changes in the way treaties are adopted to ensure that voters would no longer be able to halt the expansion of the sprawling super-state — not that they could before, as evidenced by the EU steamroller marching on in spite of numerous rejections in referendums from France and the Netherlands to Ireland.

Top European bosses echoed the calls for deeper integration as well. EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso, a former Maoist revolutionary, for example, demanded that national governments surrender even more sovereignty to erect what he called a federation. “We will need to move toward a federation of nation states. This is our political horizon,” he announced during a “state of the union” speech, adding that “unavoidable” changes to European treaties had to be made. “This is what must guide our work in the years to come.”

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