Former AFN Chair: Alaska Federation of Natives No Longer Represents the People

Several days ago, a good friend and leader in the native community sent me an email from the former chair of the Alaska Federation of Natives. This email, publicized throughout the Alaska native community, was written by Nels Anderson, Jr. His email made a number of excellent points about how the regional native corporations were perpetuating the problems in the villages and were improperly interfering with native voting in Alaska. Many of Mr. Anderson’s points were nearly identical to what my campaign advocated in 2010.

After receiving a copy of Mr. Anderson’s email, I contacted Mr. Anderson and asked for his permission to publish the email on our Restoring Liberty site, under the Alaska News section. He graciously agreed.

Mr. Anderson’s article was posted at Restoring Liberty the evening of September 24. It ran for almost two days before I was contacted by Mr. Anderson again. Without explanation, he retracted his permission for the article to be posted. Although under no legal obligation to do so, we have as a courtesy to Mr. Anderson removed his article from this page. Additionally, as requested by Mr. Anderson, we have posted his retraction of permission HERE.

We have requested additional dialog with Mr. Anderson to determine what was behind his retraction, but he has declined.