Opinion: Islam is the “most barbaric, myopic, ritualistic and violent religion on the planet”

Most people think only al-qaeda terrorists are guilty of worldwide terror, but after this week’s killing of the U.S. Consulate in Libya and three other Americans, 1,400 years of Muslim violence would prove otherwise. They killed and rioted over an inane parody movie mocking the prophet Mohammed. Fully 99 percent of them had not seen the movie. They rioted because Muslims lack the ability to act in a civilized manner.

In the Muslim world, free speech, women’s rights and personal choice fall into the abyss of illiteracy, religious ritual and barbaric propensities.

Americans and none of the Western world riot over the fact that Muslim fathers, brothers and husband murder over 5,000 Muslim women year after year because of perceived dishonoring of the family name. Muslims continue the barbaric act of female genital mutilation in the 21st century which totally destroys a woman’s sexual being, but no Westerners riot over it. Muslims kill gay people and arrange marriages for their teen daughters, but Americans don’t go out and kill the Muslim ambassadors in America.

Islam proves itself as the most barbaric, myopic, ritualistic and violent religion on the planet. It crushes individual ideas, thoughts and actions, but Americans don’t riot in the streets and kill people to protest it.

Three years ago, no Americans rioted when Muslim Major Nadal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood, Texas, blasted away at 42 military personnel and civilians as they stood defenseless in line awaiting deployment processing for the Middle East. He screamed, “Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!” while unloading his firearms into the bodies of U.S. troops. Americans didn’t kill his family or the Muslim ambassador.

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