Retired Detective Drew Peterson Convicted of Murder

Retired Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson was found guilty Thursday of murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio, the verdict eliciting a gasp from a packed Will County courthouse and ending a case that for years has received salacious tabloid news coverage.

Peterson showed no emotion as the verdict was read. He was shackled, said “Good job” to his attorneys and was led off. Sentencing has been set for Nov. 26. Savio’s family and supporters hugged and cried along with witnesses who testified for the state.

“I knew it,” said Savio’s brother-in-law, Mitch Doman. “Now I can go out there and say he’s a murdering bastard. You can print that. You can put it in a headline.”

Nick Savio, Kathleen Savio’s brother, choked up outside the courthouse as he called the verdict “bittersweet.”

“It’s better than a White Sox World Series win,” he said, his face quivering with emotion. “This has been a very long time coming.”

He read a brief statement from the Savio family saying Kathleen can “now rest in peace.”

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