Video: “That’s Bull Sh*t, That’s Bull Sh*t!” Whoopi Blows Up At Ann Coulter Over Race Comments

Photo credit: Daniel Kruczynski

By the Daily Mail Reporter. This is the moment Ann Coulter wound Whoopi Goldberg up to breaking point as she appeared on The View on Thursday to promote her controversial new book.

Coulter took less than 30 seconds to get under the host’s skin, confidently claiming: ‘I write these books because I try to correct things people believe that are just false.’

Armed with copies of Mugged, she argued that America’s ‘legacy of slavery’ has lead to civil rights only ‘belonging to blacks’, much to Goldberg’s disgust.

As tension mounted around the table, Goldberg demanded of Coulter: ‘Tell me what you know about being black.’

Appearing exasperated to the point of near-speechlessness, Goldberg told her: ‘Your facts are a little shaky. I mean, you’re saying that because liberals have abandoned black people now—what? I don’t get it. I don’t understand.’

‘I don’t think liberals ever cared about black people,’ Coulter said, defending herself and trying to make a case for sympathetic republicans. Read more from this story HERE.

Here’s the video of the exchange here (you can skip forward to the “BS” comments at about 3:55):