White House Caving to Islamic Blasphemy Agenda, Free Speech is Targeted Next

Photo credit: Dan Costin

For the past two weeks, the American people have been encouraged by Team Obama — official representatives of the administration, its champions in the press and other partisans — to believe a number of national security calumnies that can be described only as surrealistically epic and dangerous deceptions. Far more than the usual political sleight of hand that can be expected in the run-up to an election, the mendacity of Team Obama is truly audacious, and the consequences of the public accepting it at face value are grave.

Take, for example, President Obama’s insistence that the surging violence in dozens of countries is a “natural” response by Muslims to a video produced in America that trashes Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. One can scarcely find an official or press account of these events that does not start with something to the effect that the attacks were precipitated by that (almost entirely unviewed) short film.

There are several things wrong with this proposition. First, in some places — notably Libya, where an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi resulted in the brutal killing of the American ambassador and three others assigned to that mission — there is no evidence that the film was even a pretext, let alone the real reason for what was, in fact, a disciplined, coordinated and successful act of jihad. In others, it was simply the latest excuse by Islamists to incite crowds to violence, just as Danish cartoons, burned Korans, a speech by the pope and defiled Afghan corpses have been at one time or another.

What this latest campaign of deceit by Team Obama is meant to obscure is its own national security malpractice, namely a dogged refusal to face the reality that America is at war with an enemy that it has been unwilling to name, has failed to counter and is actually emboldening. Such behavior has signaled to jihadists seeking to impose on the rest of us the totalitarian ideology they call Shariah that acts of violence — or even threats of violence — against us will be met with accommodations and concessions whenever the stated justification is outrage over some perceived insult to Islam.

The Obama administration has committed to engage in, as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton put it, “old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming” to discourage such offensive behavior. This is but a milestone along the trajectory of the White House’s acquiescence to the Shariah blasphemy agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood’s state-level counterpart, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

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