Elton John Throws $3+ Million Decadent Bash for ‘Husband’ in Las Vegas, LA

It will be the most over-the-top party of the year — a lavish four-day affair in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, with hot and cold running A-listers and a line-up of performers that could sell out Wembley several times over. At its center will be Sir Elton John, and his consort, David Furnish, who turns 50 on Thursday.

Sir Elton met David Furnish, then an unknown young Canadian advertising executive, in 1993. A friend of Furnish’s had brought him to a dinner party Sir Elton was having at his house in Windsor.

‘As soon as he came through the door, he was the shyest and the most handsome and the sweetest, and he was intelligent and he had a great career,’ said Elton. ‘So the next morning, I thought, “It’s a Sunday morning, he’s been to a party, what is the earliest time I can call him?” And I called him at eleven, and said, “Would you like to have dinner tonight?”’

They had a civil ceremony in 2005.

Sir Elton has said that Furnish ‘saved’ him; when they met the star was a recovering cocaine addict and bulimic and felt that he was inherently unlovable. They send each other love letters every Saturday, and call every morning and evening if they are apart. Furnish runs Rocket Pictures, which recently produced the animated film Gnomeo & Juliet. He is also a hit on London’s social scene, celebrated for his good manners and stock of dynamite gossip.