Man in Devil Mask Robs Store, Shoots Customer, Falls Off Cliff & Has Leg Amputated

A man officials say went on a crime spree wearing a devil mask is now in custody and hurting like hell.

The man authorities say robbed several businesses in Jefferson and Blount counties in the past two weeks, and shot a man in the process, fell off of a cliff in Remlap. He suffered a broken back and has had one of his legs amputated.

“When he robbed the drug stores I said I hoped we could find him before he hurt someone or got himself killed,” said Jefferson County sheriff’s Chief Deputy Randy Christian. “Well he did hurt someone and almost got himself killed.” [A 53-year-old customer walking into the store just after the holdup was told the store had just been robbed and started to follow the robber. The gunman shot the man, who remains hospitalized with critical injures.]

“He has a long road of medical problems ahead of him and an extended prison stay,” Christian said. “I would like to think that maybe he jumped off of that cliff because of remorse, but I can’t give him that much credit”…

On Saturday, Christian said today, investigators received information from Blount County authorities that a man had fallen from a cliff and been critically injured. He crawled to a nearby home to get help. Lawmen who responded found items in his vehicle that led them to believe he may have been involved in the robberies.

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