NYPD Officer Arrested By FBI Planned to Cook & Eat Women Tracked by Law Enforcement Database

A city cop with a taste for human flesh was charged Thursday with plotting to kidnap, torture, “slow cook” and eat women he tracked down through law enforcement databases.

Accused cannibal cop Gilberto Valle, 28, was living a double life — a married dad and civil servant who moonlighted as a secret psycho straight out of a James Patterson crime thriller, federal authorities revealed.

Like the diabolical character in Patterson’s made-for-the-big-screen “Alex Cross” novel, Valle is accused of using high-tech surveillance to track would-be victims, even worming his way into their lives while plotting to kidnap, rape and kill them.

He once boasted in an instant message to a depraved ally that his oven was “big enough to fit one of these girls if I folded their legs.”

At his arraignment in Manhattan Federal Court Thursday, prosecutor Hadassa Waxman said it was only a matter of time before Valle acted on his sinister desires.

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