Opinion: Alaska Senate Coalition Responsible for Genocide

Alaska’s lawmakers are getting ready to do it again. After every election, the House and Senate meet secretly behind closed doors and form an organization commonly referred to as the “Majority Coalition” or the “Bipartisan Working Group.” They meet privately despite the Open Meetings Act, a law written by these same legislators who apparently believe in following different rules while conveniently providing themselves an exemption to the law.

This coalition has power and influence over our legislature, an organization about which we should be deeply concerned. Once joining the group, our elected representatives no longer truly represents us. Instead, he or she is then subservient to the coalition, an unequal yoking contrary to biblical principles. They become compromised, which prevents them from following their convictions including being forced to support the state budget as a tool to fund abortion.

Legislators bound by the coalition are no longer free agents to end the atrocity of killing the unborn. And we as constituents are no longer represented by those we elect once they’ve become servants to their organization.

To those who claim they can resign the coalition anytime, I have two questions: First, why haven’t you? And second, if you truly are a free agent, what inspires you to vote for a budget that funds elective abortions, as ours has for the last decade, or that has been patently unsustainable for many years?

We need to hold those in office to task in adhering to the pro-life principles they campaign on. If we place power in the hands of our elected leaders who betray us by allowing innocent blood to be spilled through continued abortion funding, we’ve ignored God’s principles and we have blood on our hands. Ezekiel 23 discusses the sin of idolatry and how children were burned as sacrifices. I see no difference between children being sacrificed then and children dying today at the hands of abortionists.

If we as a people don’t stand up for unborn babies and demand that our legislators do the same, the abortion genocide will continue.