Video: Romney’s Support Among Independents Skyrocketing

In a Washington Post-ABC News Poll, Republican Party Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s support among independents is skyrocketing from just a three point margin to nineteen points in just four days.

Currently, independent voters support Romney by 57% to President Barrack Obama’s 38%.

If this spread sticks – or grows – it could be sharpest independent voter shift since President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 49-state landslide in his second-term election.

Additionally, national polling among all likely voters is showing Romney leading, although some electoral projections still predict an Obama win:

Rasmussen: Mitt Romney 50% nationwide, Obama 47%.

Gallup: Romney 50%, Obama 47%.

ABC News/Washington Post: 49% Romney, 48% Obama.

Reuters/Ipsos: Romney 47%, Obama 46%.

AP-GfK: Romney 47%, Obama 45%.

Here’s the video breakdown of the independent voter shift: