Videos: Independent Women’s Voice – “You Deserve Better”

The Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) has put together a series of anti-Obama ads that target independent-minded women voters. The PAC just put out two more videos in their series, and the first one below is pretty funny.

This is what the Independent Women’s Voice says about their mission:

Women account for more than half the population, half of all voters and nearly half of all independents. So, if our leaders can’t address the critical issues of our day in a way that resonates with women, they will lose that important voting bloc.

Forty-one percent of voters now identify themselves as Independents. In 2006 and 2008, many of them contributed to Democratic victories. Today, that voting bloc is more conservative than ever, often more conservative and free market than self-described Republicans. Yet Republicans often don’t talk about issues in ways that make sense to Independents. Conservatives can’t win by simply relying on Republican base voters; IWV, because it is motivated not by party but by philosophy, is the credible message delivery group that espouses conservative, free market ideals in a way that resonates with Independents and women. IWV has the advantage of being an organization comprised of smart, policy-oriented women who have a track record of asking different questions, approaching problems creatively, and seeing opportunities where most others haven’t.

Like women everywhere and many Independents, we watch as, over and over, traditional conservative messages are delivered at the wrong pitch to be maximally effective, however much we may agree with what they are trying to say. So we try to say it better, in a way that speaks to us and, hopefully to you too.

Here’s IWV’s most recent video. Two other related IWV videos follow: