Worried About Calamity? Here’s a Shelter That Carries the Price Tag of a New Truck

Paul Seyfried, co-owner of Utah Shelter Systems, says underground structures at Utah Shelter Systems range in size from about 256 to 500 square feet, and they come with ventilation systems, wood-based flooring, bunk beds and a wiring system with light fixtures.

Lights run off of batteries that last two to three weeks, hopefully long enough to get through the worst of a calamity. If the batteries run out, a home generator could be used to recharge them, and generators cost about $1,000.

The cost starts at about $51,800. “We want the price to be about that of a new, well-equipped truck,” Seyfried says. “It sounds like a lot of money, but you sure see a lot of pickup trucks driving around on America’s roads.”

Other options, such as additional bunk beds, dehydrated food and other items to stock the room can be purchased separately, he says.

Consumers generally pay 50% of the shelter’s cost upfront to purchase materials, Seyfried says. It takes about six weeks for a fallout shelter to be built, and at about that point, the client pays the remainder of the money, he says.

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