$54,000 See-Through Public Restrooms Installed in Texas

America’s first ever public restrooms made entirely from glass have been unveiled in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The two glass restrooms cost $54,000 to design and resemble a large mirrored box. They take pride of place in the revamped public square in downtown Sulphur Springs.

For anyone concerned that people might be able to see you doing your business, fear not they have been constructed from special mirrored glass that enables people on the inside to look out but doesn’t enable nosey people to see in.

Locals are excited about being home to this unusual first and hope the mirrored bathrooms will become something of a tourist attraction. ‘Bathrooms are typically ugly no matter what you do, how can you make them disappear?’ city manager Marc Maxwell told ABC News. ‘You cover it with mirrors, that’s how, and why not make it a one-way mirror while you’re at it.’

After some initial uncertainty about how safe it is to use a glass bathroom, residents have quickly fallen in love with the quirky loos that enable you to see everything going on around you, even who is next in line. ‘I stood around the bathroom for a long time to make sure you couldn’t see inside and you couldn’t,’ said local resident Merrideth Caddell. ‘Once I went in, it felt strange that four men were looking into the bathroom, but they couldn’t see me.’

The structure works because the designers worked to devise the right combination of glass and lighting. For the illusion to work properly, the outside of the structure must be more lit than the inside, explained David Gideon of the Commercial Glass & Mirror Company. The bathrooms have no lights on the inside and in order to see at night, LED lights have been placed on the outside of the structure, so that the illusion remains intact.

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