Lawsuit: CIA Killed Its Own Operative When He Got Cold Feet Over Mind Control Programs

A new lawsuit has dredged up a 60-year-old Cold War mystery surrounding the death of an Army bioweapons researcher who was given LSD by the CIA.

The government says Frank Olson jumped to his death in 1959 after he was given the hallucinatory drug as part of a top-secret CIA mind control program codenamed MK-ULTRA.

Dr Olson’s sons now claim they have evidence that he did not commit suicide, but was instead pushed out of a 13th story New York City highrise window by CIA operatives who feared he was getting cold feet about the intelligence agency’s tactics.

Eric and Nils Olson, of Frederick, Maryland, are seeking unspecified compensatory damages in the lawsuit filed in federal court on Wednesday.

Their lawyer, Scott D Gilbert, said the brothers also want to see a broad range of documents related to Dr Olson’s death and other matters that they say the CIA has withheld from them since the death.

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