Meghan McCain Wants GOP to Go Left or She’ll Leave

Meghan McCain wants Republicans to wake up or else she just might leave the party.

The Republican daughter of Sen John McCain, who famously blogged from her father’s presidential campaign bus about fashion on the campaign trail, is saying the GOP’s positions on social issues are outdated and irrelevant.’I don’t fit into the traditional Republican box that the ‘wingnuts who have hijacked my party think all Republicans should,’ she wrote in an opinion piece.

In an opinion piece penned for the Daily Beast, McCain notes that if the Republican Party does not adapt and start showing signs of social tolerance the GOP will not survive and that if she does not see signs of moderation on social issues she ‘will consider registering as an Independent in 2016.’ The realization hit her election night as she was choking back tears over the Mitt Romney’s campaign loss to President Barack Obama.

‘It’s not like he’s a close friend,’ she wrote. ‘Looking back to last week, I think that I was mourning something else. For the last four years, writing on this website, I’ve been calling for the Republican Party to come to terms with reality and modernize. Last Tuesday, Mitt Romney lost—and he lost big. As Republicans, we lost again. I felt sad, exhausted, beaten down, and heartbroken. It was the first time that I considered that the Republican Party, which I love so much, might die.’

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