Murkowski, the Blame Game, and GOP Irrelevance-Page 2

[Go back to page 1] Apparently, it has never occurred to these unnamed ‘Senators’ that holding ordinary people in contempt is no road to electoral victory, much less to a government of, by, and for the people.

Their blame game for back-to-back electoral defeats is as puerile and preposterous as Barack Obama heading into his fifth year in office blaming President Bush for all the problems that he created himself.

I’m sure we don’t know the half.

These are, no doubt the same senators who voted to allow a write-in candidate, running against her party’s nominee, to keep her seniority on the Senate Energy Committee, granting her access to K Street’s millions simply because ‘she’s our friend.’

They are, no doubt, the same senators who oversaw the NRSC’s efforts to undercut Joe Miller’s electoral chances by presumably raising money in his name, only to deploy it against him.

They are the same senators who offered moral and material support to the candidate rejected by the party faithful, one even sending his son up to work on payroll for the write-in campaign (any wonder that he was booed at the Alaska Republican Convention?).

Did these ‘Senators’ also grant their blessing to the systematic destruction of conservatives in the presidential primary, while accepting their former colleague Barack Obama to be just another ‘nice guy’ who was simply misguided? I’m sure they were probably the ‘brain trust’ that found telling the truth about President Obama’s scandal-ridden administration beneath them. As though truth telling is somehow un-statesman-like.

These are undoubtedly the senators who didn’t have the temerity for a budget fight in the month leading up to the election because they are afraid of their own shadow. Really? No budget fight? Not even with a president whose party was derelict in their duty to pass a budget when they controlled both chambers of the Congress, and the White House? No fight with the president who hadn’t proposed a serious budget in three years? No fight with the president who put forward budgets in back-to-back years that couldn’t garner a single vote in the United States Senate? Not even from his own party?

Those kinds of timid souls need to retire to the sidelines. They obviously are not up to the task. The last thing we need is their ilk in our State trying to dictate the terms of our Republican primary in 2014. We don’t need their help. Not now. Not ever.

The NRSC and the RNC need to tend to their own business, get their own house in order, and stop meddling in the affairs of the people. They are here to serve us, not he other way round. We will tend to our own business, and nominate whoever we dear well please.

So to all you wise guys hiding in the shadows of the United States Senate, and to all you geniuses in Alaska who have all the answers, I offer you this. If you want to know why we lost the election, look in the mirror. If you voted for Murkowski in 2010, look in the mirror. There you will see the road to the wilderness. If you follow it, you may never come back.

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Matt Johnson is a freelance writer, consultant and political activist from Chugiak, AK.