Newspaper Copy Editor Disciplined for Questioning Obama’s Hawaiian Birth Place

A newspaper copy editor who added the word ‘allegedly’ to a report stating Obama was born in Hawaii has been disciplined after the report generated searing attack from readers.

Appearing in the Montana Independent on Sunday, the edit to an Associated Press report covering the president’s visit to Asia was said by the paper to have been an error in judgement, wrongly meant as a joke.

The AP’s line was changed to read: ‘The Asia trip underscores Obama’s efforts to establish the United states as an Asia-Pacific power, a worldview defined by 21st century geopolitics but also by Obama’s personal identity as America’s first Pacific president. Obama was allegedly born in Hawaii.’

Writing a berating letter to the paper’s editor on Tuesday, one of at least two seen, retired AP staffer Tom Laceky called the edit an ‘unjustified ridicule.’

‘”Allegedly born in Hawaii?” As if there is any doubt? That right-wing notion has been so thoroughly discredited that only Donald Trump and assorted other loonies still cling to it.

‘Neither the AP nor – I hope – The Independent Record belongs in their company,’ wrote Mr Laceky who noted having served his last 28 years in the Helena bureau.

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