The Media Manipulation of the Petraeus Resignation

Photo credit: isafmediaWatching CNN’s weekend ‘coverage’ of the recent resignation of former CIA Director Petraeus, I noticed that not a single mention was made about the potential impact his testimony, or lack thereof, might have on the upcoming hearings on the horrific terrorist attack upon our consulate in Libya. In fact, no mention was made about any upcoming hearings at all.

I wonder how many of my fellow Americans are aware that an American ambassador and three other men were killed in the recent Benghazi massacre in Libya? How many know of the heroic acts that occurred there? The Obama administration’s inaction, colossal failure of leadership, and probable dereliction of duty likely led to the deaths of these American patriots. Key officials in the Obama administration, including the President, may be found to have blood on their hands.

Former CIA Director Petraeus resigned for reasons yet to be fully clarified, but the liberal mass media has buried the real story. If Petraeus was compelled to testify in an ”Official” capacity, I believe he’d have been forced to ‘take the 5th’ on the stand regarding the massacre in Benghazi. I don’t criticize Petraeus though, if enough pressure is applied, we all could be persuaded. He knows what happened, and only as a civilian would he be able to testify truthfully. Thus, his resignation.

If subpoenaed, I believe Petraeus will be compelled to redact his testimony, not for protection of classified information, but rather for protection of his family. I believe he will testify, but only part of the story will be revealed. Hopefully, sufficient information, facts and time lines will surface and lead reasonable people to connect the dots and realize the truth. Of course the liberal media will employ their signature ‘slight of hand” and apply their ‘spin’ to the parts of the story they’d have otherwise buried.

If truth is revealed, we will find that the Obama administration was operating in Libya, Hungary and Syria to accomplish exactly what? Time will tell, but I think their inaction regarding the massacre in Benghazi was directly related to their objectives in Syria.

What is known for sure by anyone getting news from unbiased sources, is that the Obama administration and the mass liberal media supporting it, intentionally misdirected the American people by blaming the incident on a ‘reaction to a video’. Most know by now that this claim was manufactured and is false.

Given the mass media’s intentional redaction, omission and mis-direction of news coverage, it’s no surprise that we find our great Country on the fast track to mediocrity or worse. America’s allies are shaking their heads while enemies quietly applaud.

The mass media is now more powerful than the three branches of government combined. They’ve been allowed and encouraged to intentionally manipulate the electorate. Hiding facts and spinning the truth is expected in countries who’ve succeeded in controlling their citizens. I’m very concerned that we may see civil disobedience or worse resulting from the combined efforts of a mass media ‘manipulation machine’ and this current administration’s objectives. What I see is a mutual disregard for the Constitution. The liberal media and the present administration continue to manipulate the very people that the US Constitution was created to protect.

Just as this ‘transparent’ administration buried the facts of the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal, they have and will again attempt the same regarding the terrorist attacks on our consulate in Benghazi. Family members deserve answers as to why their hero kin, former Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed trying to save Ambassador Christopher Stevens and information officer Sean Smith in the Benghazi massacre. The same goes for the family members of Customs agent Terry who was killed in the line of duty defending America’s southern border. Truth though, is something Obama and his Chicago buddies have in short supply.

Perhaps I’m a bit naive, but I have faith in the vast majority of my fellow Americans. The problem we face is a voting block made up of increasing numbers of people who have little or no knowledge of history. Combine this with a manipulative mass media intent on hiding the truth and the problem becomes clear. Ignorance is not a reasonable excuse. It has been identified though and must be extinguished through education.

I’d not ask my family and friends to see things the way I do. I’d ask them to change the news channel often though. Spend a little time on the Internet, don’t take anything for granted, do a bit of research and compare what various news outlets are saying. Just take a little time to move around the dial for the sake of truth. I would not have written this article had I not seen the ‘lack’ of coverage that CNN had on the Petraeus story last weekend!