Why Governor Palin Is So Dangerous (To the Left)

photo credit: SarahPAC-USA

Yesterday’s post by Adrienne Ross had a nice recap of Palin’s strengths:

‘Her message is always one of reform, respect for life, and restoration of our founding principles. She has not veered from championing fiscal responsibility, energy independence, and a strong national defense. She always encourages standing by allies, not bowing to enemies, and unapologetically embracing American greatness. She unceasingly begs us to consider future generations, incentivize small business, and support our military. She is not prone to flip-floppery.’

An additional thought is triggered by reading a post-election cri de couer delivered by pollster Pat Caddell. The speech has lots of good stuff, but focus on this crucial point:

‘But one fifth of the people said the most important thing was: Cares about people like me. And Obama won those voters 82 to 17. . . . . you have to have some connection with people, and we didn’t.’

In any fair contest, if one compared Palin’s dedication to the welfare of the people, of all economic classes except the plutocracy and the crony capitalists, she would beat any other candidate in either party on this value of ‘cares about people like me.’

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