Call to Arms: Sandy Hook May Foreshadow Unimaginable Horrors for the US

The horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre almost immediately led to calls across the nation for stricter gun control, from President Obama to CNN’s Piers Morgan. Protests against the NRA and disparaging remarks against other pro-Second Amendment groups seemed to dominate the mainstream and social media. Some newspapers are actually pushing online petitions to ban assault rifles.

But the reactions aren’t limited to these petitions and public statements; anti-gun laws are being planned, too. In fact, Democratic leaders have announced that they will introduce comprehensive gun control legislation in the 113th Congress. They, as well as Obama, believe the only answer to gun violence is to take away guns.

The GOP House may prove incapable of stopping this effort. As the Reagan coalition continues to implode due to spineless leadership in Congress, many believe that RINO’s will partner with Democrats and enact more restrictive gun control.

In my opinion, this could be a catastrophic mistake. In fact, I’ll go a step further: instead of making our schools safer, banning guns may actually lead to more Sandy Hooks.

First, no law is going to stop a madman from a massacre. Before he started his evil rampage, Lanza was already in violation of all sorts of laws including the prohibition on his possession of handguns (he was under 21 years of age) and the possession of guns on school property.

But more importantly, the whole world now knows that a single lunatic, with apparently little firearms training, can pretty much break into any school and massacre children at will until law enforcement arrives. There’s little risk of anyone interfering, as the vast majority of U.S. schools have no armed guards.

What are our enemies thinking? The radical Islamists, who have perpetuated mass suicide attacks in the US and abroad, are likely salivating over the possibilities in the U.S., opportunities that are certain to expand with even more gun restrictions.

They’ve already tried it in schools abroad. Remember the horrific Beslan School massacre in Russia eight years ago? 334 were slaughtered – over half, children – in an attack by Islamists from Chechnya.

Could you imagine if just 100 of these fundamentalists, split into two-man teams, decided to attack fifty elementary schools across our nation? If a scrawny lunatic 20 year old can single-handedly murder dozens, think what trained terrorists could do. And think about the impact of such a coordinated attack.

These fanatics are likely already operating in the U.S., as they did immediately prior to 9-11. Close to home, we know Iran is exporting terror to Mexico and to drug cartels operating in Latin America. Additionally, increasing numbers of illegal aliens from the Middle East are crossing our southern border.

Coordinated Beslan-like attacks in the United States would be absolutely devastating. Due to misguided gun-free zones, the United States would be looking at a slaughter on an unimaginable scale.

So how is additional gun control legislation going to help protect against that? Rather than enhancing safety, further restricting guns from private ownership in the U.S. will only serve to embolden such aggressors, ensuring that their murderous plans are not impeded.

As Larry Pratt noted in his skewering of Piers Morgan on CNN last week, the only reasonable answer to prevent aggression is to arm potential victims, not disarm them. Schools across the nation should recognize that they are targets and prepare accordingly.